Monthly Archives: April 2009


This post marks my first formal intervention into the ‘blogosphere.’ As I inaugurate this new project, I sit facing the reality that the explorations pursued here are far more likely to raise murky questions than settle upon definitive answers. That being said, my hope is that this site will provide the means through which I can finally put pen to paper and track my thoughts, reflections, research findings, and other more creative investigations.

For quite some time, my interests in philosophy and theology have sent me down several distinct and seemingly irreconcilable paths of research, few of which seem all that comfortable in close, sustained dialogue with each other; namely, biblical theology, continental philosophy, ecclesiology, and above all the theological doctrine of the works of mercy. For whatever reason, I continually find myself grappling with the manifold questions situated at the intersection between ecclesial ethics, political philosophy, and liturgical theology. Exposing the tactical, mundane, even transgressive space of the everyday, my present work seeks identify in the embodied performance of charity (i.e., the gifts of food and drink, prayer and compassion, shelter and hospitality) the site in which these dimensions of thought and praxis can overlap, freshly illuminating what it means to be the Church consecrated, broken, and distributed for the life of the world.