The 2008 Kyoto Laureate Symposium: Additional Lectures by Charles Taylor

Here are links to two (and a half) additional talks Charles Taylor gave as part of the Kyoto Symposium. The first is his commemorative lecture, “What drove me to philosophy.” Herein Taylor offers several fascinating, albeit brief, autobiographical comments on the key events and defining moments in his life as a philosopher. This provides an interesting window into not only his methodological approach, but also the genealogy of his thought and work.

In his the second lecture, “A Secular Age and After: Secularization and Modernity,” Taylor reflects upon his recent, groundbreaking intervention into … well … just about every topic and academic discipline pertaining to the rise of modernity. I have yet to read this talk in detail. However, a brief skim suggests that it provides very helpful synthesis and clarity to many of the key themes found nestled in the meandering pages of A Secular Age. It’s as if someone finally pinned him down and demanded point blank, “800 pages aside, what exactly are you on about? 20 minutes. Go.” 

Finally, here is a short interview with Taylor. To access his bit, “fast-forward” through the first two Kyoto Laureates. Taylor’s is the last talk.



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