Additional Cavanaugh resources on free market economics and global capital, broken bread and distributed wine

For more William Cavanaugh insights on economics, consumption, hunger, and the Eucharist have a look at the following excellent articles:

(1) “Consumption, the Market, and the Eucharist”, The Other Journal

(2) “The Unfreedom of the Free Market”, The Economy Project

(3) “The World in a Wafer: A Geography of the Eucharist as Resistance to Globalization”, Modern Theology

(4) “Coercion in Augustine and Disney”New Blackfriars


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I am currently dwelling in the intangible space of the between. Having finished my MA in Philosophical Theology at the University of Nottingham, I decided to take a bit of a break, return to California, and start applying for PhD programs. That process is finally drawing to a close. This Fall I will be commencing my doctoral research in political theology at either the University of Nottingham, Durham, or Bristol. As of yet, that future still remains (uncomfortably) uncertain. My recent academic pursuits tend to focus on political theology (ecclesiology, ethics, politics, liturgy), biblical theology (scriptural narrative, hermeneutics, philosophy of memory and historical method), and Continental Philosophy (especially phenomenology). View all posts by Ben Kautzer

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