After a long season of uncomfortable indeterminacy, I can finally say what I’m actually up to with a bit more confidence. Though I was born in a town called Rancho Cucamonga, I now live in the UK with my lovely new bride, and have recently commenced a PhD at the University of Durham.

For quite some time, my interests in philosophy and theology have sent me down several distinct and seemingly irreconcilable paths of research, few of which seem all that comfortable in close, sustained dialogue with each other; namely, biblical theology, continental philosophy, ecclesiology, and above all the theological doctrine of the works of mercy. For whatever reason, I continually find myself grappling with the manifold questions situated at the intersection between ecclesial ethics, political philosophy, and liturgical theology. Exposing the tactical, mundane, even transgressive space of the everyday, my present work seeks identify in the embodied performance of charity (i.e., the gifts of food and drink, prayer and compassion, shelter and hospitality) the site in which these dimensions of thought and praxis can overlap, freshly illuminating what it means to be the Church consecrated, broken, and distributed for the life of the world.


2 responses to “About

  • John Verity

    Any chance you can make a copy of your essay, ”Outflanking the Bureaucratic Production of Urgency – Ivan Illich and Stanley Hauerwas on Crisis and the Cultivation of Patience,” available? I am interested in all things Illich.

    Thanks, John

  • Ben Kautzer


    Thanks very much for taking an interest in the blog (despite the fact that my current studies have completely detoured me from keeping it up to date). You can actually access the essay on an early post entitled “A New Publication.” There you will also find links to the journal itself and many of the other papers that were presented at the conference. Alternatively, here is the link to the pdf.


    I hope it’s of some use to you in your study of Illich. Speaking of which, what are your primary interests with regard to Illich?


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