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The Prodigal Returns

For quite some time, I have been meaning to return to this little side project of mine. Despite my good intentions, it seems that other tasks have managed to capture the majority of my attention. I suppose initiating a PhD, attempting to settle into the patterns of newly married life, acclimating to the recurrent bureaucratic joys involved in a permanent relocation to the UK, not to mention trying to wrap my brain around the curious behavioral disorders of our cat (Badger) has thus far prevented me from making much real progress with my hobby writing. Next thing I know and six months have gone by. Alas. So for anyone marginally interested in this blog (a bold assumption indeed), my apologies for the long absence. Hopefully, I’ll have a bit more time to stay up to speed.

For now, I’ll try and pick up the conversation again with a nice quote from Graham Ward’s Cities of God:

The community, while one, while many, affirms its location in Christ, but by that very sharing in Christ it participates in the displacement of the body of Christ announced in the breaking of the bread. This is a third aspect of the fracture, which is given more explicit expression in the final dismissal following the eucharistic feeding: ‘Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.’ To employ a distinction found in Michel de Certeau between place (lieu) and space (espace), the ‘we’ is not bound by the institutional place it finds itself in, nor the civic place that locates the institutionalised place. The ‘we’ walks and opens up spaces in and beyond the given and material locale. The we participates in a rhythm of gathering and dispersal that shapes its walking, its pilgrimage. The erotic community it forms transgresses all boundaries. It moves out in love and desire and produces a complex space which cannot be defined, cannot be grasped as such, labelled by sociologists, mapped by geographers. It is itself a fractured and fracturing community, internally deconstituting and reconstituting itself. (p. 154)